Developing Open Standards for NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown Communication.

The SunSpec Alliance is an alliance of more than 100 solar and distributed energy industry participants that jointly establish information standards to enable plug & play system interoperability.

By defining these open communications standards for distributed energy through a consensus of industry leaders and experts, the SunSpec Alliance enables free standards that bring costs down, enable greater customer choice, and simplify the entire solar and distributed energy ecosystem.

A Global Alliance of Leaders

SunSpec is a global consortium of like-minded solar industry leaders who have been working together for the past decade to pave the way for a new distributed energy paradigm that balances public safety, sustainability, and greater customer choice.

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Market Benefits of the SunSpec Rapid Shutdown Specification and Certification Program

SunSpec Rapid Shutdown not only helps ensure interoperability across systems and the ability for first responders to shut off power to solar modules during emergencies, it gives customers the freedom to choose their preferred solutions without having to worry about being NEC 2017 compliant.

An Open Standard Based On Mature Technology

The lowest cost solution to a fundamental market requirement, SunSpec Rapid Shutdown reduces installation and interconnection costs with Plug-and-Play system components and reports system health every time the sun comes up or the system is re-activated.

Instilling Consumer Confidence

As an open standard, SunSpec Rapid Shutdown protects consumer differentiators with competitive pricing, multi-vendor choices, options and value availability. It ensures system service and upgrades with a choice of vendors and interoperable components. Moreover, it increases consumer safety and confidence in DER technology.

Improving System Safety

Provides a simple, robust, and reliable solution to reduce the voltage at module level to 1V per module to comply with NEC 2017 requirements.

Resources for Installers

The SunSpec Rapid Shutdown certification mark ensures a product's compliance with NEC 2017 requirements for module-level rapid shutdown as well as interoperability with other SunSpec RSD certified devices in a PV system.

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